YOU can choose new NBA 2k17 celebration and here is HOW

2k Sports have asked the fans to help the developers add new celebrations to their latest basketball video game NBA 2k17. A manager from NBA 2k17 development team tweeted about his a few days ago.

NBA 2k17 celebrations

NBA 2k17 celebrations

Chris Manning posted this tweet revealing the news to public.

The developers did not mention how long they are going to take suggestions from the 2k fans but here is how you do it.

Use hashtag #SigNation and #NBA2k17 to suggest the celebration to the development team. You can post image or video or even gifs suggesting new celebrations.

NBA 2k17 Wishlist


It is unclear that they will take all the suggestion or take one’s that get more retweets or likes. But, you should give it a try.

We do not have much news about the game despite the release date approaching fast. The only feature that has been released it about Stephen Curry’s shot meter will be modified. This is because he plays better than real life in NBA games. Read More about this feature here.

NBA 2k17 Leaked Images

So what celebration do you want to see in NBA 2k17? Comment below and we will forward them to 2k Sports and SigNation.




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