NBA 2k17 Whshlist

NBA 2k17 Whshlist: Let’s look at some of the new features that would make NBA 2k17 better. 

NBA 2k16 is the best 2k game ever. I mean there was everything we wanted and EA was surprisingly understanding while adding from the wish list we made from the year before.

nba 2k17 wishlist

nba 2k17 wishlist

However, there are some new features that we want EA Sports to add in upcoming version of the game. Here are some of the NBA 2k17 Whshlist that we would like to see in the upcoming version of the game.

  1. Create a player

There is a current provision to create a player but the process is very long and a lot of us get confused while creating a player. This feature will be helpful as it will save fifteen to twenty minutes we spent while creating new player. A quick button would be perfect for initializing this feature. Adding Tattoos and Body Feature features in this mode would be great.

  1. Add Classic Teams

2k has always been supportive of Classic Teams. There are a lot of us who love to play on/with the classic team. However, we would love to see new classic teams like 05 Spurs. Also, adding current roster player to Legend Pool could be done.

  1. Increase Player Potential

We have been asking this feature since a long time now. A potential bar for inform players would be a perfect addition. A young player could develop into a champ if he continues to play in form. This will add curiosity among the fans and increase the time player’s play in career mode.

  1. Expand Court

My Court could be expanded with new features. Adding one v one, two v one, three v two or five v one while on My Court is something we all want. This will make more use of My Court than in any previous version of the game.

  1. Choose College

It would be awesome if we could choose college that we attend in MY Player. People actually go to college and may want to join their college they are attending.

  1. Change MyGM Location

Relocate your GM to any city you want. Create the badge, uniform and color of your new team. This will be one of the most used feature should it be added in NBA 2k17.

  1. MY GM Online

EA has started the online version but we want improvement in this.  It is partially online but we could use a full online version in which draft and full agency could be added. It will excite more users in playing the game online.

  1. Bring back real money

Some of the fans want the real money to be added. We want player’s valuations in dollar not in VC.

  1. Detailed Tutorials

It is very difficult of the new gamer to get hold of this game. New tutorial techniques could be added that will help the new comers in the starting phase of the game.

  1. Pre-Game Interviews/Presentations

Pre-Game presentation will add authenticity to the game. A story piece/news about the squad and information of the upcoming game should be added in the game. Player interviews should also be improved.

  1. Post-Game Interviews

This will defiantly make the gamers curious about what the players have to say about their performances. It will act as a relief and relaxation time in between games.

  1. Player Talks

Like in real life, rough conversation to other players would be an awesome addition to the game. New animations to make this possible should be developed and implemented in the upcoming version of the game.

  1. Improved Intro

During play-offs or finals, a well-organized promo or intro could be presented before the game. It will create a sense of success after winning the game. This could include awesome player introduction, introduction to the official and coached or even mascot.

  1. Display Inactive Players

Displaying un-used or inactive player while during the game would bring new feeling to the game. It will make the player to want to use those player often or after injury.

  1. Add Towel/Water Boy

Yes, this is simple. But to make the game more authentic, we want this feature.

Feel free to suggest us new NBA 2k17 Whshlist and features that you would like to see in NBA 2k17. We will consider adding them to above list if they are good.




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  10. Batman
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  28. Anthony
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    • Cade Zook
  30. Cw
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  33. Darius Broadnax
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  103. MUST HAVE
  104. Must
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  112. ddakid919
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  162. Batman 250
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