NBA 2k17 Release Date confirmed for September 2016

It has been officially confirmed that NBA 2k17 will be released in 20, September 2016 by its developers 2k Games.

NBA 2k17 Cover

NBA 2k17 Cover

Previously, we predicted the release of the biggest basketball simulation game ever with release trends of the previous version. We came pretty close to the actual release date. We predicted NBA 2k17 to be released in 3rd October and the actual release date of NBA 2k17 is September xx.

We knew we were getting close when the game was available for pre-order in Amazon. The pre-ordered game will be released in December 30 2016. It was not official news as we assumed that this was just so that the gamers will get to download the game before the actual release of the game.

Talking about Amazon, they are offering a 20% discount for NBA 2k17 Kobe Bryant Legends Edition.

But now, it’s finally official. NBA 2k17 is set to release worldwide by September xx 2016. The date of release may vary according to platform or time zone. The table below might help you figure this out.

It even has been updated on Wikipedia. Nothing can change this now. The game is not distributed by 2k Games, it is by Take Two Interactive. Any delay in delivery to your game store or from 2k website is not 2k Games responsibility. Buy it from amazon to get fastest delivery.

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