NBA 2K17 already in development phase

NBA 2k16 has barely been around and yet somehow 2K Sports have confirmed that they have already reached the development phase of NBA 2k17.

This comes as somewhat of a good news for some of the gamers in 2k community.

NBA 2K17

A Still taken from NBA’s Twitter page

Despite NBA 2k16 being the best basketball game ever made, there are still tons of minor bugs that needs to be addressed.

The development teams are also working on fixing the current bugs on the current version of the game. A new patch has been released (third one so far) fixing some of the minor bugs in the game. There are many other new bugs and errors that needs attention.

However, 2k said that they have development teams working on new designs and animations for NBA 2k17. New coders have also been employed by the gamer developers according to a close source. Updates about development of the game can be found through their twitter page.

There are a lot of suggestions and bug reports found in forums and message boards. Many have started to create their own wishlist for the next game and sending them to 2k Sports. We have compiled some of the suggestions/wishes for you to look at.

We might expect new patches and upgrades in upcoming months. We promise to keep you in the loop if any new news on development on NBA 2k17 or new patches of NBA 2k16 surfaces around.

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